My Soccer Life

I played soccer at university level during my undergrad at Tsinghua University. Overall, it was a positive learning environment, and I advanced in soccer skills as well as team management. The most precious treasure from those times were the people I have met. I have retained strong friendships with many if them since.

Team in 2017 after Final Match

My team (School of Economics and Management) won our first championship in 20 years during my time as Captain in 2017. I was injured in the early part of the finals, but was able to play for the match. We were at a time 0-2 down but the team was never disheartened, and made our way to penalty shoot-out, finally winning the match. I love my team for the perseverance and spirits they show, as well as the hard training everyone went through and sacrifices they make, for a final goal.

Memorable friends

I also want to pay tribute to every coach I have worked with. Every one if them are extremely wise and determined. I have learnt a lot from them on the soccer fields and in life. There are also people I have not have many chances to play with on the field, but nevertheless learnt a lot and admire.

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