ARThive – buzz for art!

This is a project I worked with @Mujiun(Papaya) and @EJ at Rehack Hackathon at Princeton University. We were given the challenge “How do we create technology that makes our interactions with others more productive and meaningful?” and the requirement to revisit an existing application and build upon that.

My team asked the question: “How do we create meaningful communication?” We held the notion that social relations that include exchange of information of value are meaningful. It is not hard to decide art and museums as a starting point with 2 from a design and fine-arts background and 1 amateur art-lover on the team.

Barriers yet-to-overcome for art-lovers were identified:

  • Difficult access to information: Art information is scattered and channels are diffused.
  • Weak Social Bonding: Art-lovers rarely have the chance to gather and connect with fellow friends.
  • Absence of Experience Archives: Photo records of museum visits get lost in camera roll and memories are rarely recalled.

We chose Pokemon Go as the app to build on. It is a popular location-based game around the world, where people make friends of similar interests and exchange gifts and Pokemons. We want to simulate the game experience for art-lovers, with Poke-stops representing seminars and talks, Gyms representing museums and galleries, while Pokemons represent pieces of art.

In order to help art-lovers achieve their goals, we designed 3 major functions:

Event Map & Group

Red pins on the map will show up 2 hours before the event. People can post their comments about events or art works on the map. Users can identify where buzzes are created at a glance because blue dots representing such attractions will cluster. When the user taps on a red pin, he will see some details about the event and can choose to join the event group.

Event Groups

Event groups are formed to help art-lovers who unfortunately cannot go to the event stay tuned and connect to people with similar interests. It can also serve as a marketing tool for museums and organizations to identify and reach out to target audience.

The Gallery

The Gallery is a collection of art works that the user has experience. When they see a piece that excites them, they can take a picture and ARThive will recognize the art work, and archive it along with the time and location of the encounter. Users are also encouraged to gift an archive to another to create a sense of belonging and trigger further conversations regarding the artist or style.

In addition, we want ARThive to be sustainable on its own. We have considered how partnerships will work and how ARThive can generate enough revenue for maintenance and business development:

Museums can join with minimal efforts. Many museums already have digital archives of their collections, and uploading them to the database should not be challenging. If the digital archives do not cover all, we must note that the popular items are usually already archived, so by probability, the chance of failing to have

Schools and institutes are able to benefit from ARThive as well. It is a platform that attracts art-lovers so should help them market their programs and works. They are also able to reach out to professionals. Having art students to lead discussions will also increase the credibility and attractiveness to the public.

ARThive accumulates a concrete group of art lovers with minimal efforts and costs, while registering what kind of art they love by analyzing their archives and event groups they join. It will be able to improve user experience based on concrete data, as well as offer precise marketing resources to external parties.

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