Desklab: AR educational device

This project was actually commercialization for a new algorithm. A lab wrote some code that could accurately visualize magnetic induction lines instantly, and actually could be applied to many other physical concepts that though invisible could be expressed by physics formulas.

My team took up the task to develop an educational device based on this technology. We used a camera and a projector to locate the objects and visualize the physical phenomenon.

We thought it could help physics education improve efficiency and attractiveness. I looked into the educational market, especially how the AR technology is already making changes, and what enhances this new tool can bring. I found that currently AR is widely used in pre-school children’s books, and industrial or mechanics such as the dynamics of wheels and tracks, but yet in physics or other laboratory education.

how we successfully locate the magnets and project induction lines around

I investigated into the K12 curriculum and identified the applicable scenarios, and devised how the technology could be used to present the experiment results. I surveyed parents and teachers, including school officials. Though doubtful about the costs, they were willing to try out the concept and agreed it could improve teaching flexibility and efficiency. I researched into the market and found that the educational market is sturdily growing, especially the STEM subjects. This creates a large space for Desklab. We named the product Desklab because it can produce accurate results on a desk top, instead of in the lab. I also filed a patent application for the algorithm, for which I researched into similar technologies.

I devised the commercialization of the product, including market research, user survey, content production, and filed patent application for the algorithm.

Demo video:

Demo slides:

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