A laser-engrave-customizable lamp

!!! This was my first project!

It was a typical D-school assignment, to design a lamp. The simpler the concept, the harder it is for fresh attempts.

I gave up functional lighting and considered decorative lamps. I decided that it would be cozy if a dim light shone in the corner of my bedroom.

Then I thought about why it was different from the massive lamps in the market. I finally decided that the lamp is not unique or special in how it is, but why it is, which is, because the customer wants it to be! I conducted a small survey on what personalized lamps people like.

I chose laser-engraving technology and mortise and tenon joint structure to make an easy-to-customize-and-assemble lamp.

Next step I laser-engraved some wood boards for  the lampshades. I chose a cute kitten and a tree symboling prosper, because I thought they would look welcoming and create nice feelings in my bedroom. They have slots on the top and bottom, ready to assemble.

I made the other sides and tops (deliberately left more space at the top to let light out), then connected the wires and bulb to complete the prototype.

This project is individual work, though I consulted a friend when wielding the circuit. It was exhibited at Tsinghua iCenter Open Day.

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