Poems on my core values

This is actually from an assignment for my Leadership class, where I identified my Top 5 values, and was required to do a creative project to demonstrate the values.

There is a form of art in Chinese literature, “藏头诗”, that is a kind of informal type of poetry, rather folk culture. In China, we use characters instead of letters. The first character of each line of a poem forms the true meaning of the author, while the content of the poem is not necessarily relevant.

Here I would like to borrow the idea, and write “poems” (or rather a group of lines that hopefully will rhyme) of which the first letter of each line make up one of my core values, and the poem itself explains or illustrates the value.

 Integrity – being honest and having strong moral principles

Diligence – careful or persistent work or effort

Excellence – quality of being outstanding

Justice – to promote fair and equal treatment for all

Wisdom – having experience, knowledge, or good judgement

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