Aid Stick for Visually Impaired

Drones are high-tech products gradually utilized and purchased by individuals for recreational use. We took an interest first to its ability to fly, but later moved on to its amazing orientation and navigation.

Where else could we put this to use?

how it might look

The visually impaired also need such. Would it not be wonderful if a supplementary hardware could tell a person where he is and guide him to the destination? Thus we devised a walking stick with the following functions:

a. To walk with! That is such a basic function that I simply will not elaborate.

b. Speech recognition and voice interaction. The Stick will be able to understand the user’s needs and know where he needs to go to.

c. Orientation and navigation. Based on GPS and HD maps, compute the nearest route and guide the user step by step, through sound and vibration. 

d. Obstacle avoidance. If there is a car coming, it will tell the user to stop. If there is a pillar-box, it will tell the user to go around. If there is a curious kitten, it will tell the user to slow down.

Four major functions! My team-mates and me are working on them step by step. Sketches will be posted soon!


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